Wall Rendering

Whether you have damaged walls, surface cracks or just want to improve the look of your exterior walls, External Coatings can help.

Based in Huddersfield, we cover the whole of the UK and specialise in Wall Rendering.

Using the latest Technology, we offer a machine sprayed rendering service as well as polymer render systems, scratch render and external wall insulation systems.

Scratch Render

Scratch render is a cementatious render that incorporates silicone technology, which gives a higher degree of water repellency to the rendered surface than a traditional sand and cement render, yet still allows water vapour to pass through the render allowing it to breathe.

Scratch render is a through coloured render and has over 40 colours choices, eliminating the need for external painting and is very easily maintained.
Scratch render can be either hand applied or machine sprayed.

Ashlar effect can also be achieved using the scratched render, giving a weathered stone effect.

Ie: stone work or block work can easily be replicated on plinths, corbels, heads & quoins.

The colour of the render used to replicate the ashler detailing is of a traditional stone or buff colour.

Polymer Render Systems

Traditionally, render was made up of a simple sand and cement mix.
Advancements in technology mean traditional renders have come a long way since then with the addition of polymers / silicones / acrylics / aggregates / reinforcement and crack fibres.

Polymer insulation renders are a perfect cost effective solution for a variety of external wall applications. These can be applied either directly to the substrate or alternatively applied as a finish to an existing wall.

External coatings give a ten year guarantee with a manufacturers life expectancy of 30 years.

Benefits of Polymer Render Systems

1. Exceptional weatherproofing properties
2. Vapour permeable (reducing condensation)
3. High impact strength
4. Superior colour consistency
5. Wide variety of colours
6. Expected life span of 30 years

Quality Guarantee

All work carried out by External Coatings is covered by a 10 year guarantee and with a manufacturers life expectancy of 30 years.

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